Friday, May 29, 2009

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I Have A Dream!!!!

All This Days, I always pursuing to achieve my dreams that i can be an engineer someday. Every night i ask my self and saying that what should I'm going to do, to achieve my dreams and to be able to overcome my goals in life,. In that case, i recognize that i need to pursue the things that i want to be achieve someday. Even though, I expect that i had too much struggles and hindrances that i need to transcend in every situations that comes in my way. In spite of everything like this, i always look forward to god and take the spiritual guide that needed in achieving my goals in life. In this kind of ambition, it should be needed to remember that i must having this ambition in my life , just because i want to support my parents in financially and i want to provide them a simple business that they needed to be able to have an additional income for everyday of their lives. I want also give them the best of my priorities that i plan so many years that in my way of saying to my parents that i thank them to everything that they give it to me, is i want to share to them my goals and ambitions that i am here in front of you and saying that this is it, i achieve my ambition in my life finally, in spite of everything that i need to pursue, this is it. I Overcome all of this, with the proper guide of god, and to my determination in life, I can.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Kaya mo ba toh?!!!

Ang Tanong Kaya mo ba?

1. Kaya mo bang lumakad sa isang sakong uling na nagbabaga?
Yes or no?
2. Kaya mo bang kumaen ng isang platong uod sa loob ng 5 sigundo?
Yes or no?
3. Kaya mo bang lumakad gamit lamang ang iyong isang paa?
Yes or No?
4. Kaya mo bang makipag tagisan ng lakas sa isang buldozer upang mahawi ang mga bato?
Yes or no?
5. Kaya mo bang tiisin na hindi kumain ng almusal, tanghalian, at hapunan sa loob ng sampung araw?
Yes or no?
6. Kaya mo bang itigil ang iyong bisyo ngayong araw lamang na ito?
Yes or no?
7. Kaya mo bang isakripisyo ang nalalabi mong limang piso para sa pulubing namamalimos sa iyo?
Yes or no?

Kung kaya mo ang lahat ng mga tanong ko sa iyo, isa ka sa mga tunay na pilipino.!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I made my New Year's Resolutions Finally!!!!

Last Year!!! i did not interested about my new year's resolution definitely. I always ignore it whatever comes on my mind, because if I'm going to have a resolution in every year's, i made a huge mistake about this, all of sudden. I don't think so, if i can truly accomplish it until the new year comes and after it, it would be continually progress?. Every year i plan to change my idiosyncrasy regarding for what I've done on a bad and worst way anymore like for saying a bad words and illegally destructing other people to grab there attention to look up for what unnecessarily things i did. However, It just a plan for me!! that's what i really got for a huge mistake to take a plan like this. Before, I never been interested about the New Year's Resolution,!!! but when i woke up one morning before the yuletide eve, and six day's before the new year's day i realize so many things, that i did not give partially importance, i cry a little bit in my eyes and i just come to think, ohh!!!! it's unfair, why should i don't have a resolution, and why is it I ignore it every year?!!! that's are the questions comes and entered in my mind? So, It's just really unfair why should i don't have a resolution and ignore it definitely,. Then in that way of saying and asking my self, i must realize that my life has have not meaningful and don't have a lot of blessed comes from god, because of my mistaken moves every time i do.I also realize that being have a resolutions is not enough for you to say that you are doing this things just because you want it to accomplish clearly, but to have a resolutions and pray for god which is very important than anything in this world,. I always remember that if i'm going to have a resolution, i make sure that it is comes from my heart and i'm willing to do this with the presence of god and also praying for him to guide me to accomplish it effectively.!!! After i thinking surely like this, my Resolutions are the Following!!!
===>(1) Every First Friday and Sunday of the month, I go to church and pray for god to be thankful for him for everything that i had in my life.!!!
===>(2) I promise that i did not saying any words that may hurt to anybody's feeling!!!
===>(3) I am going to pursue, what are my goals in life.
===>(4) I'll be having a plan for my future someday!!!
===>(5) I never get annoy my friends anymore.
===>(6) I always be deligent for my parents wants.!!!!
===>(7) I'll be thankful for god and i pray for him always, to be with my guidance in my undisputed life!!!
===>(8) I'll be friendly more than the fast few Year's!!!
===>(9) I always remember and not to forget that i need to wake up in the morning at the right time.
===>(10) I am going first my responsibilities in the house before anything else.!!!
===>(11) I always giving more important of what my friends gives to me.!!!
===>(12) I did not doing the bad things that my hurt to my parents feeling anymore.
===>(13) at last, I make my resolution's effective and truthfull at all the time. I did not forget that i have a resolution in this year, and i always remeber that i need to do this for my self , my parents and for god..!!!! I always look forward to do this and to accomplish it with ofcourse that guidance of god!!!

Those are my resolution's in this year and i give it a very little importance to do this just because i promise this to my self!!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

HappY (2009)


whooow!!!! I love the First day of 2009 and i really enjoy the newyear’s day. I can’t 4get the yesterday at the time of 12:00 in the morning and it was the NewYear;s day already., My Friends was having a fireworks display in that time and we cannot afford to mis it, when it was the missle Bomb “Flops up” whooe we enjoy seeing in the high place but ofcourse the sounds of that firecraker has “rattled” in our ears and we enjoy it whatever.!!!! Before i started to look forward on 2009, i was thinking of my past in 2008 season. This is the year that i was facing the big struggles in my life ever, the loneliness with my friends, Getting frustrated to have a job, missing my friends to get a bonding with them especially to tphb., and a lot more. However, i’m happy for that because i knew and i realize also the important meaning of all the special things that i had in my life. I represent my experiences in 2008 in the future that i can transcend and overcome whatever setback that might encounter in this undisputed intances. In this especial occasion this year i must consider to my self that i need to rechange my lifestyle’s and facion with ofcourse my standpoint in my life. I need to sacrifice a lot of things to be able to achieve my goals and dreams for my parents especially that i did not give to them in 2008 season. I hope and I pray for god that in this coming “lucky Year of 2009″ i build a new life and a new journey way of life. I always reminicsing my past however some of those experinces has not good but i look forward to it just because i need to see in my self that this year u i made my new way of saying that yes!!! I Transcend all of this. Thanks from god to guide me.

A Christmas Carol

Yes!!! we’ve finally made up our team for having a x-mast Caroll ever. I actually most likely carolling with the house to house ever since. When i was reminiscing my childhood days!! i really want to go with my friends for having a caroling because, i enjoy singing with them and i recognize the true meaning of x-mast season and at the same time, we build our friendship stronger ever. Every Yuletide Season, i can’t forget the time’s and instances that we we’re enjoying singing with our precious voice to the commoner people like us, that so happy to heard our voice that full of joy and very unstoppable performance to the highest level day by day,knowing that we are so happy doing this just because we’re earning the money and sustaining our needs to buy a new dress and outfit for forthcoming season of Christmas day and at the same time, we’re having an adventure to variety street that we made to accomplish every night. During our caroling we’ve see to it that every time when were doing this opportunity to share our voice to everybody and to the house to house that we’ve like to carolling for, is we assure that in our ways of caroling them is our pleasure to give them a happy yuletide season that comes in their way and for that we realize sometimes in this way that they have no money to give us and for sharing also, but we appreciate some of them and we really admit that it is part of the caroling and also to our life, instead of they we’re giving us the money to be able to being happy for us, our team is really admit and appreciate for that and we thank for god that we were finally singing them with the presence of their heart.!!! . I always look forward and doing this oppurtunity to share to everybody that a christmas carol is very interesting and very spontaneous way of saying Merry Christmas to all!!!!

(TPHB) daw?

Tropang Pang Habang Buhay Daw? (TPHB)

I really sad when i was wake up One morning that i could not expect to lose my other friends in just a few days. I really don’t know what i am going to do if some of them had far and leave me from the darkness days that i could encounter someday. This is the time that i don’t want to comes in my life, i must consider to my self that when the times comes and my friends leave me one day i should go bravely and face it without the hesitation. My only wish if that time near-in, i want to say to my friends that i really love them so much, as far as the stars up in the sky, and no matter what happens it’s still need to recognize the days when we’re happy together and much have the smiles of our face. I hope that this time and at this moment, when someone reads it, i could say thank-you to that person to appreciate this little things that may happen in my life or even to my friends life. I always look forward to reminisce those happiest days that may happens in my life together with my friends.