Saturday, January 17, 2009

I Have A Dream!!!!

All This Days, I always pursuing to achieve my dreams that i can be an engineer someday. Every night i ask my self and saying that what should I'm going to do, to achieve my dreams and to be able to overcome my goals in life,. In that case, i recognize that i need to pursue the things that i want to be achieve someday. Even though, I expect that i had too much struggles and hindrances that i need to transcend in every situations that comes in my way. In spite of everything like this, i always look forward to god and take the spiritual guide that needed in achieving my goals in life. In this kind of ambition, it should be needed to remember that i must having this ambition in my life , just because i want to support my parents in financially and i want to provide them a simple business that they needed to be able to have an additional income for everyday of their lives. I want also give them the best of my priorities that i plan so many years that in my way of saying to my parents that i thank them to everything that they give it to me, is i want to share to them my goals and ambitions that i am here in front of you and saying that this is it, i achieve my ambition in my life finally, in spite of everything that i need to pursue, this is it. I Overcome all of this, with the proper guide of god, and to my determination in life, I can.

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