Wednesday, January 7, 2009

HappY (2009)


whooow!!!! I love the First day of 2009 and i really enjoy the newyear’s day. I can’t 4get the yesterday at the time of 12:00 in the morning and it was the NewYear;s day already., My Friends was having a fireworks display in that time and we cannot afford to mis it, when it was the missle Bomb “Flops up” whooe we enjoy seeing in the high place but ofcourse the sounds of that firecraker has “rattled” in our ears and we enjoy it whatever.!!!! Before i started to look forward on 2009, i was thinking of my past in 2008 season. This is the year that i was facing the big struggles in my life ever, the loneliness with my friends, Getting frustrated to have a job, missing my friends to get a bonding with them especially to tphb., and a lot more. However, i’m happy for that because i knew and i realize also the important meaning of all the special things that i had in my life. I represent my experiences in 2008 in the future that i can transcend and overcome whatever setback that might encounter in this undisputed intances. In this especial occasion this year i must consider to my self that i need to rechange my lifestyle’s and facion with ofcourse my standpoint in my life. I need to sacrifice a lot of things to be able to achieve my goals and dreams for my parents especially that i did not give to them in 2008 season. I hope and I pray for god that in this coming “lucky Year of 2009″ i build a new life and a new journey way of life. I always reminicsing my past however some of those experinces has not good but i look forward to it just because i need to see in my self that this year u i made my new way of saying that yes!!! I Transcend all of this. Thanks from god to guide me.

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