Thursday, January 8, 2009

I made my New Year's Resolutions Finally!!!!

Last Year!!! i did not interested about my new year's resolution definitely. I always ignore it whatever comes on my mind, because if I'm going to have a resolution in every year's, i made a huge mistake about this, all of sudden. I don't think so, if i can truly accomplish it until the new year comes and after it, it would be continually progress?. Every year i plan to change my idiosyncrasy regarding for what I've done on a bad and worst way anymore like for saying a bad words and illegally destructing other people to grab there attention to look up for what unnecessarily things i did. However, It just a plan for me!! that's what i really got for a huge mistake to take a plan like this. Before, I never been interested about the New Year's Resolution,!!! but when i woke up one morning before the yuletide eve, and six day's before the new year's day i realize so many things, that i did not give partially importance, i cry a little bit in my eyes and i just come to think, ohh!!!! it's unfair, why should i don't have a resolution, and why is it I ignore it every year?!!! that's are the questions comes and entered in my mind? So, It's just really unfair why should i don't have a resolution and ignore it definitely,. Then in that way of saying and asking my self, i must realize that my life has have not meaningful and don't have a lot of blessed comes from god, because of my mistaken moves every time i do.I also realize that being have a resolutions is not enough for you to say that you are doing this things just because you want it to accomplish clearly, but to have a resolutions and pray for god which is very important than anything in this world,. I always remember that if i'm going to have a resolution, i make sure that it is comes from my heart and i'm willing to do this with the presence of god and also praying for him to guide me to accomplish it effectively.!!! After i thinking surely like this, my Resolutions are the Following!!!
===>(1) Every First Friday and Sunday of the month, I go to church and pray for god to be thankful for him for everything that i had in my life.!!!
===>(2) I promise that i did not saying any words that may hurt to anybody's feeling!!!
===>(3) I am going to pursue, what are my goals in life.
===>(4) I'll be having a plan for my future someday!!!
===>(5) I never get annoy my friends anymore.
===>(6) I always be deligent for my parents wants.!!!!
===>(7) I'll be thankful for god and i pray for him always, to be with my guidance in my undisputed life!!!
===>(8) I'll be friendly more than the fast few Year's!!!
===>(9) I always remember and not to forget that i need to wake up in the morning at the right time.
===>(10) I am going first my responsibilities in the house before anything else.!!!
===>(11) I always giving more important of what my friends gives to me.!!!
===>(12) I did not doing the bad things that my hurt to my parents feeling anymore.
===>(13) at last, I make my resolution's effective and truthfull at all the time. I did not forget that i have a resolution in this year, and i always remeber that i need to do this for my self , my parents and for god..!!!! I always look forward to do this and to accomplish it with ofcourse that guidance of god!!!

Those are my resolution's in this year and i give it a very little importance to do this just because i promise this to my self!!!!

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Thess said...

Ako rin, I've difficulty doing my new year's resolutions, well, like everything else, we gotta work on it.