Wednesday, January 7, 2009

(TPHB) daw?

Tropang Pang Habang Buhay Daw? (TPHB)

I really sad when i was wake up One morning that i could not expect to lose my other friends in just a few days. I really don’t know what i am going to do if some of them had far and leave me from the darkness days that i could encounter someday. This is the time that i don’t want to comes in my life, i must consider to my self that when the times comes and my friends leave me one day i should go bravely and face it without the hesitation. My only wish if that time near-in, i want to say to my friends that i really love them so much, as far as the stars up in the sky, and no matter what happens it’s still need to recognize the days when we’re happy together and much have the smiles of our face. I hope that this time and at this moment, when someone reads it, i could say thank-you to that person to appreciate this little things that may happen in my life or even to my friends life. I always look forward to reminisce those happiest days that may happens in my life together with my friends.

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